News for 2015

Hello. There is still a lot going on locally in Lincolnshire related to permaculture. If you would like to be kept updated, do contact us and we can put you on the mailing list. Also, if you’re interested in doing the Permaculture Design Certificate, there are some local courses planned this year – get in touch!

Local permaculture event on 4th May

This is from local permie Nick…

As part of International Permaculture day all LAND projects have been asked to think of an event they can hold on the 4thMay, so we can have as many LAND centres open on that day as possible. We at Harpsbridge House have decided to have a Plant Produce and Preserves Sale, along with the garden being open for your inspection. There will be people around to answer your questions and lots of signs to explain how we use permaculture ethics and principles in the garden. There will also be a small treasure hunt! We will be open from 2pm-5pm.Please try and car share, there will be free seeds for those who cycle or walk.   We are next to Theddlethorpe Saltfleetby National Nature Reserve  with its beautiful beach and Dunes. Nice place for a picnic. Call 01507 339179 for more information or contact us through the Lincolnshire Permaculture Facebook page.